Soar Valley


Science & Technology

Status:Active, full but can join waiting list
When: Monthly on Monday mornings 10:00 am
Second Monday of the month
Venue: Barton in Fabis Village Hall
Cost: £15/year to cover room hire etc
At Nottingham Industrial Museum

Science & Technology group at Loughborough Bell Foundry

Viewing exhibits at Nottingham Industrial Museum

Information panel at Nottingham Industrial Museum

Metallurgy demonstration

The Science & Technology Group enjoys a varied programme of talks and visits to places of interest.

We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, 10am.

Recent talks have included presentations on subjects such as Stem Cell Research, Artificial Intelligence, and the lives and work of great scientists such as Albert Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell and Christiaan Huygens.

Talks take place at Barton in Fabis Village Hall.

Recent visits have included a solar farm, a copper mine, forensic laboratories, a lateral flow test manufacturing facility and the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine.

For more information, please email Diana P.

Pleasley Pit Mining Museum

Guide at Pleasley Pit Mining Museum

Science & Technology Group at Pleasley Pit Mining Museum

Science & Technology at Pleasley Pit Mining Museum

Demonstration at Pleasley Pit