Soar Valley


Book Club / Reading Group

Status:Active, open to new members
When: Monthly on Tuesday afternoons 2:00 pm
Third Tuesday of the month
Venue: Swan Court
Stories by Orwell

It is a truth universally acknowledged

Book of English Verse

At the Book Group

Members of the Reading Group gather together to discuss literature at 2pm on the third Tuesday of each month.

Meetings are held at Swan Court retirement complex in Sutton Bonington.

The books are chosen and loaned by the Nottingham Library and delivered to a local access point. They are mostly novels but also include autobiographies (for example, 'Bad Blood'), historical fact ('The Underground Man') and travel (John Simpson's Memoirs).

Large Print and 'Talking Books' are available.

For the first part of each meeting, we discuss the book we have read during the previous month. This always proves to be very lively indeed, with many differences of opinion.

Then, after a cup of tea, over which we discuss many other things, we enjoy our Poetry Session: we each read out a poem appropriate to the subject matter of the book, with a theme that has been chosen earlier. The poems may be of any era and by any poet. The wide range found by members is always pleasing.

Book titles have been various and wide ranging, from  old hat 'Three Men in a Boat' and glitzy 'Gatsby', through the well balanced humour and sadness of 'Last Orders', to new hat 'About a Boy'.

New members would be welcome to join us for what is always a most enjoyable experience.

For details about this Group, please contact Group Leader Michael W.