Soar Valley


Membership Information

It is the objective of Soar Valley u3a to provide sufficient groups to sustain the interest, activity and learning desires of all our members, both long standing and new. With this in mind the Committee has reviewed the situation where members, who already participate in several groups that offer a particular type of activity, rapidly fill similar new groups when they are formed, thus limiting the opportunities of existing members wishing to extend their scope of activity or confine new members to a waiting list.

Multi Group Membership Policy

In order to give every Soar Valley u3a member a balance of opportunity a Multi Group Membership Policy was approved at the September Committee meeting.

· In essence the ‘Policy’ states that every member can ‘by right of membership’ join two similar activity groups, e.g. walking, dancing, science, or what-ever.

· The policy recognises that some people may wish to join more than two similar activity groups, for example ‘Walking’, where there are already several groups. This is acceptable, but only on the understanding that membership of a third group, or more, will be ‘conditional’.

· ‘Conditional’ membership of a group means that members may be asked by the Committee to relinquish their place to enable a ‘balance of opportunity’ to be offered to new or existing members wishing to venture into new areas of activity.

The Committee believes that there will be very few instances where this problem will occur but feel that a policy should be in place to inform members, guide group leaders and enable the Committee to ensure that a balance of opportunity to access interest groups is available to all members, particularly those just joining our organisation.

November 2014