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Thinking of becoming a Group Contact?

Your U3A has grown and become successful because of our Group Contacts: all are volunteers and it’s both rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you have thought about it or not, consider these questions:

• Do you participate in and enjoy group activities led by your fellow U3A members?

• Have you an interest or knowledge that you would like to share with other members?

• Do you feel unsure, perhaps a little intimidated, by what being a Group Contact might entail?

If you have answered “yes” to these questions, please read on.

A Group Contact often does not have to lead a group alone, a wealth of support and assistance is available from group members, the Groups Coordinator, documentation and elsewhere, if required, for both setting up and running the group.

A Group Contact, in many groups, does not need to be a leader or an expert, the role may be more that of an organiser, coordinator, facilitator or administrator.

A Group Contact undertakes the role willingly, there is no coercion: the role is voluntary and a Group Contact will undertake the role only for as long as they are happy to do so.

To discuss further, please contact your Groups Coordinator.